Virtual Mobile Numbers

Receive SMS from any mobile user, worldwide

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    What is a Virtual Mobile Number

    A Virtual Mobile Number (VMN, SMS Long Number or MSISDN) enables your business or organisation to receive inbound SMS text messages from any mobile user on any mobile network, worldwide.

    A VMN resembles an 11 digit mobile number (UK +44) and is designed to receive SMS text messages without the need for a GSM device or SIM card. Messages that are sent to a VMN are received by our network and we then forward them onto our customers by email, via HTTP (ideal for developers) or messages can viewed online.

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    Sending SMS to VMN

    Mobile users pay their standard network charges to send an SMS text message to a VMN and there is no charge when sending messages sent from UK mobiles with an inclusive text allowance or bundle. Sending an SMS to a Mobifi Virtual Mobile Number is the same as sending to another UK mobile number.

    Please Note: many providers offer free or cheap Virtual Mobile Numbers from offshore operators such as Manx Telecom (Isle of Man), Jersey Telecom or Guernsey Telecom and mobile users will ALWAYS pay to send to these and in many instances at international text rates, even from their UK mobile.

    Whereas with Mobifi’s VMN it will ALWAYS be free to send a text when you have an inclusive text allowance or bundle with your UK mobile.

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    Get a free quote & trial

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Our Virtual Mobile Number service offers:

  • Optimum performance with high SMS throughput and reliability
  • Forwarding of inbound SMS by email and/or HTTP
  • Auto-reply service
  • An API for quick and easy integration with your own systems
  • Receiving of SMS from any mobile user, worldwide
  • Comprehensive message reporting
  • Competitive pricing from just £15 per month per number

Virtual Mobile Numbers can be used for:

  • Implementing 2-way SMS
  • Sales and information requests
  • Receiving feedback, suggestions and opinions
  • Text voting and competitions
  • Receiving text commands to trigger specific applications
  • M2M communication and applications

Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number Service

Mobifi provides you with a dedicated VMN which enables your business to receive SMS text messages. Inbound SMS messages are mapped to a pre-defined email address so that you will receive them as an email. Additionally, you can receive the messages via HTTP if you wish to integrate this service with your own IT systems or applications.

The option of setting up an auto-reply is also available and you will have access to a web-based interface to view comprehensive inbound message reporting and control your settings which include: creating auto-replies, activate/de-activate auto-reply settings, create keywords and the routing of inbound SMS messages to a specific destination email address or to an HTTP URL of your application.

This is the most comprehensive VMN service available today and allows you to have complete control of the way you handle inbound SMS messages to suit your specific inbound SMS requirements.

Shared (Keyword) Virtual Mobile Number Service

We can provide you with a keyword on one of our shared Virtual Mobile Numbers. You simply select which keyword(s) you wish to use (subject to availability) and we will configure the routing of any inbound SMS messages beginning with the keyword to the email address of your choice and activate any auto-reply accordingly.

You will have access to a web-interface to control the settings of your keyword and this service is ideal for small businesses or those with low volume inbound SMS requirements.

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