Want to know more about Mobifi? Mobifi is an SMS text messaging and applications provider which provides a flexible range of high-quality, efficient and cost-effective SMS services for business users and developers.

Since 2002 we have been providing SMS services to businesses and organisations in all sectors including retail, information technology, marketing, finance, media, local government and education with a commitment to customer care, quality and performance.

Mobifiā€˜s experience, expertise and reputation, together with its quality of service means that we can satisfy the SMS requirements of business customers both large and small, in the UK and internationally.

We are a UK company and our technical infrastructure and SMS Gateway (MobiGate) is hosted in the UK. All our messages are sent via UK mobile network operators to ensure optimum performance and reliability, enabling us to deliver messages to more than 400 networks in more than 160 countries.

Whether you need to send just a few SMS per week or need to send thousands of SMS per day, Mobifi can help your business meet all its SMS messaging requirements.