Mobifi’s email to SMS gateway enables you to send and receive SMS text messages via your existing email client, such as Outlook or Notes. You can send to single or multiple recipients, to UK and international mobile users, in the same way that you send a normal email.

Without the need for any additional software, hardware or plug-ins, Mobifi’s email to SMS service is quick to set up and very easy to use. Once your account is active you can start sending SMS straight away.

Mobifi’s email to SMS service is so flexible that you can use it to send SMS from any number of different systems including:

  • email
  • databases
  • websites and Intranets
  • information servers
  • systems monitoring software
  • CRM tools
  • applications
  • software programs

The service also offers 2-way messaging functionality allowing the recipient to reply straight back to the message sender without the need to enter any complicated reply formats such as including an email address or username in the reply message.

Whether you want to send important announcements to your staff, the latest offers to your customers or wish to send critical network status alerts to your engineers, our email to SMS service is ideal for sending SMS messages directly from your email client or any other email generating system.

For further information about Mobifi’s email to SMS service please contact us or request a free trial by completing the ‘Free Trial Account’ form.