Short Codes

A Short Code enables you to offer a memorable 5 digit inbound text number which allows mobile users from all UK networks to contact you by SMS. Short Codes are ideal inbound SMS numbers for running marketing campaigns, information requests, competitions, voting and for providing direct response SMS auto-replies.

With a Short Code you don’t have to charge the mobile user a Premium rate for contacting your service but instead texting to a Short Code can be charged at standard network rates or even Toll-Free where there is no charge to the mobile user.

Toll-Free Short Codes allow organisations to provide mobile users with a ‘free’ SMS text messaging service. As the demand for business SMS text messaging increases, organisations are seeing the value in providing Short Codes to attract communication from mobile users.

Toll-Free SMS Short Codes take this one step further – by providing the mobile user with a free to use service, invaluable to councils, marketing agencies, promotions companies, etc who need to engage the mobile user with greater effectiveness.

Toll-Free SMS works with all UK mobile networks.

Dedicated Short Codes

A dedicated service provides you with exclusive use of a Short Code. This is ideal if you are looking to run multiple campaigns using different keywords or where a service does not use specific keywords.

Shared Short Codes

A shared service provides you with access to a Short Code using one or more keywords. Mobile users need to include the keyword at the beginning of each message for you to receive them. For example, text ‘STAR’ to 80039 to cast your vote or enter the competition.

If you are looking to run a campaign or service and only require one or just a few keywords, or wish to run a campaign for a short duration then we recommend using a shared Short Code service.

Premium SMS

Mobifi no longer provides Premium SMS services and in our opinion we believe that Premium SMS is not the best way to charge mobile users for content or services. If you are looking to monetise your content or services and would like to receive honest, impartial advice then please contact us for further information.