Mobifi’s M2M Platform

What is M2M?

M2M stands for ‘Machine-to-Machine’ communications and is essentially the exchange of data between a remote asset, device or application and a back end IT infrastructure.

The exchange of data can be two-way; to collect product and usage information from remote systems and to send instructions, software updates or to remotely monitor equipment.

Today, mobile technology has made wireless M2M technology available to organisations all over the world and can be used in all sectors including logistics and transport, utilities, facilities management, remote/lone worker safety, health and medical, smart metering, efficient energy and security.

Why use M2M?

By using M2M organisations can not only manage and control remote assets, devices and applications, but they can also measure and respond to real-time information. This enables organisations to:

  • Monitor the real-time performance of remote assets, devices and applications
  • Measure and record critical information and variable outputs
  • Perform diagnostics and remote repairs
  • Increase profitability by reducing service costs by remote management
  • Improving service levels by responding to real-time data
  • Creating new revenue streams from ongoing services
  • Offer new services which rely on real-time, two-way communication

Mobifi’s M2M Platform

Mobifi’s M2M platform is a secure and scalable solution for all your data management requirements and provides an advanced platform for managing all your connected assets, applications and devices.

It is designed to handle large volumes of data traffic from wireless devices, either by SMS/GPRS and data can be received using FTP, HTTP(S) or Virtual Mobile Numbers.

The solution enables rapid transmission of data which can then be viewed in real-time via the online management portal.

The solution provides detailed information which can be used for remote monitoring, diagnostics and performance measurement. The solution also allows access from third party systems who wish to interrogate the data using a variety of different APIs.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed to handle large volumes of real-time SMS/GPRS Data traffic
  • Works on all mobile and fixed line networks
  • Securely hosted and managed by Mobifi
  • Uptime is guaranteed at 99.95%
  • Data can be archived indefinitely on secure remote servers
  • Data accepted via different sources including HTTP(S), FTP, Virtual Mobile Number
  • Data can be viewed any time using the Mobifi’s online management portal
  • Data can be accessed by third party systems via API request
  • Proven, reliable, scalable and endorsed by UK’s leading water management company