In July we mentioned that we created a service which enables a blog owner to update a blog by SMS from anywhere in the world where there is a mobile phone signal.

Adam and Keith, two independent travellers who spent 6 weeks driving from the UK to Mongolia in an ambulance for charity, used the service where no internet connection or GPRS was available.  

As there was no data signal in parts of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and no data signal anywhere in Mongolia, our solution was perfect for providing blog updates by SMS.

Adam and Keith are back in the UK now and this is what Adam had to say about Mobifi’s SMS to Blog service:

“The SMS to e-mail solution was perfect for my needs. It allowed me to send short messages to anything accepting inbound e-mail, all from simply sending a regular text message.”

At Mobifi we are always available to help our customers with their SMS requirements, wherever they are, even from the middle of the Gobi desert.