8.7 trillion messages in 2015. That’s 8,700,000,000,000…quite a lot of zeros.  According to Informa Telecoms & Media SMS will continue to be a significant source of revenue and traffic for mobile operators on a global basis until at least 2015.

Although mobile operators are spending large amounts on rolling out high speed mobile data networks, SMS still remains a core service for mobile users and continues to contribute approximately 80% of their data and messaging revenues. Global SMS revenues are forecast to rise from US $105.5 billion last year to US $136.9 in 2015.

SMS is still the most popular messaging and data service and the simple reasons are because it is easy to use, low cost and reliable as well as having universal interoperability across all mobile devices and mobile networks.

Although traditionally used primarily by consumers, SMS is increasingly being used by government departments, banks and financial institutions, brands, retailers and transport providers, among others, for increasingly sophisticated purposes. SMS is used not just to deliver alerts, information services or mobile marketing campaigns; it is used to deliver appointment reminders, tickets, coupons, banking and payments, and loyalty programs, among others.

In emerging markets SMS is also becoming increasingly popular, in particular for the delivery of a range of financial services to mobile users who would otherwise not have access to banking products, for information services, and for other types of messaging services, including e-mail and instant messaging.

SMS can also add value to other services, for example, with enterprise applications and social media networks. With the huge increase in application usage, both commercial and consumer, SMS is seen as a complimentary service which can add value to these new growth areas.

SMS is still the easiest and most effective way to communicate with mobile users and will continue to remain a key mobile messaging medium over the coming years. Mobifi is fully committed to providing high quality SMS services to take your business further.