Mobifi was recently approached to provide a service which enabled a mobile user to be able to update a blog by SMS from anywhere in the world.

On the 23rd of July 2011, two independent travellers will drive an ambulance (bought on eBay) 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia to raise money on behalf of the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation which helps orphaned children in Mongolia and Vietnam.

Adam and Keith needed a solution to help them update their blog whilst on their epic adventure. As GPRS/internet access is most likely to be unavailable in the remote areas of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and the Gobi desert, updating an online blog was a challenge.

However, Mobifi likes a challenge and we created a service which enables Adam and Keith to be able to update their blog by SMS so that their followers can keep up to date with their latest blog updates.

By using a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN or SMS long number), SMS messages can be received from anywhere in the world and the inbound messages automatically update the online blog. Mobifi’s service supports long/concatenated SMS messages so the blog post is not limited to just 160 characters.

Having tested the service, Adam said ‘I’ve tried it on iPhone and BlackBerry with o2 and Vodafone UK. It’s a great system.’

We wish Adam and Keith the best of luck on their journey and were happy to help out with the SMS solution. For further information about the charity drive, the blog and for donations, please visit